RERC and RERF Together Enable “Service Above Self”

The Richardson East Rotary Club (RERC) and Richardson East Rotary Foundation (RERF) [a 501(c)(3) charitable foundation] work together to enable our members to practice the Rotary motto of “Service Above Self”.  Each of the organizations specific roles and work closely together to assure that we maximize the value the resources (time, energy, and financial support) that are contributed not only by our members but from the community.

We urge you to find it within yourself to evaluate Rotary as a service opportunity for you or your organization to give back to the community both locally, nationally, and abroad. Your contributions of money, time, and/or energy make great things possible.

Richardson East Rotary – 32 Years of Service

The Richardson East Rotary Club (RERC) was chartered in 1985 under Rotary International as one of over 35,000 Rotary clubs in the world with over 1.2 million members.  RERC’s 40 members provide the operational side of our organization.  They provide the hands on labor where required and develop fundraising opportunities to finance the scholarships, support for the Inclusive Playground, and gifts to non-profits that we give each year.  Additionally, they staff the Richardson East Rotary Foundation (RERF) and pay the “out of pocket” operating expenses for the RERF.

ClubRunner – Your Source for RERC Detail Information

The RERC ClubRunner web site provides additional information on the Richardson East Rotary Club meetings, events, and historical information. If you are a member or seek additional information on meeting times, locations or membership you should find it on ClubRunner.

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Essentially 100% of Funds Go To Service

The Richardson East Rotary Club founded the Richardson East Rotary Foundation (RERF) as a 501(c)(3) organization in [year] to receive all donations made to the Richardson East Rotary.  As a tax exempt organization,m The Foundation is an enabling element supporting the Club’s goals of Service Above Self.

The Foundation is staffed by Club members (unpaid) who administer funds donated or earned.  Further, the Club pays the operating expenses for the Foundation.  As a result, essentially 100% of the funds donated to the Foundation can be used to support those in need.

Richardson East Rotary Foundation
P. O. Box 831765, Richardson, TX 75083
Tax ID: 46-0502289  501(c)(3)

Key Attributes for RERF:

  • Tax Exempt 501(c)(3) Organization
  • All staff members are volunteers without pay
  • All administrative expenses are paid by RERC
  • Essentially 100% of Net Fundraising Proceeds are distributed

Where Do Funds Raised Go?

To see where we distribute the funds raised, please see the Philanthropy page on this website.


RERC Meeting Location:

Aboca's Italian Grill
100 S Central Expy, Ste. 63
Richardson, TX 75080

Luncheon w/Speaker:
1st, 3rd and 4th Wednesdays
Noon to 1:00 pm

Special Meetings:
2nd Wednesday social event in the evening
5th Wednesday volunteering opportunity

See ClubRunner for Program, Time, and Location of Meetings
RERC ClubRunner

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